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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

feb 8 vlog

Resolutions, drill weekend, birthday party, family
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 30 short and semi sweet

Not feeling all that great and it shows
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

jan 23 vlog girls night, tracy morgan, hpv vaccine and gma

Girls night was much needed and fantabulous, Tracy Morgan is a doucher who should chose a different profession since he is obviously annoyed by his fame...F U TRACY MORGAN, HPV vaccine has many issues up to and including death, teaching abstinence is not enough and gma is would you know anyway? You never leave it for someone else to me
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

video blog Jan 8 witness protection style

A bunch of stuff discussed, sorry its so dark, bad lighting, im still working out the kinks...
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Keepin it real 5 days in!

Ok so I thought about vlogging this but A I am not sure how to do from here, I know how to do it (I think) on my phone, but I don't see and option here so I will have to figure that out, and B it's 430 in the morning and I couldn't sleep, I have been up for an hour and I am not sure you want to see all this right now...

I didn't blog yesterday because, as slow as the day started it ended with a HUGE bang! Progress is about Nil at this point on the NYR. I haven't exercised because I have this equilibrium thing I have been dealing with since Tuesday. I thought it was possibly a hydration problem or maybe, for whatever reason, low blood pressure (which is totally abnormal) but now I am going with possible ear infection, although there is NO pain, just dizziness. So the plan to lose and tone is on stand still at present. And we ate out yesterday. Trust me it was almost unavoidable.

So as you know the Jeep is in the shop. We found out yesterday morning that the drive shaft (? I may have to correct this idea later when I am awake) snapped, in doing so it messed up the yolk and something else. Needless to say it will cost about 2g to fix. We were relying on being able to drive her until we sold her in March, we do have a potential buyer willing to pay what we are asking. Now we have to toy with the idea of lowering our price drastically and letting her go as is, or putting the 2g in her (which we don't really have) and selling her at the asking price. I know either way I can probably get rid of her by March/April time frame because Jeeps are popular and people start looking in the Spring. Having said all of this we went yesterday to test drive a Nissan Xterra. This is what I thought I wanted but I wanted to be sure by getting behind the wheel and taking her for a spin. We went to a small lot recommended by a friend. The guy didn't even pull the car out of the Tetris maze for me to test drive. He didn't really want to work with me at all to be honest. And on top of that the battery had died when I was trying to start up this silver 2000 Xterra. And THAT Xterra is still sitting on his crappy little lot. It was well within the price we wanted to pay, however looking back I am sure I would have wanted to pay much less for that year and the mileage was rather high. So we left there a little disappointed at the idea of not being able to test drive and still not certain that this would be the vehicle for me. Now before I hear the riot act, let me just say that I am NOT a sedan kinda girl, also I have 2 large dogs and they go places with me so a sedan or sports coupe is not going to work for me, which is why I was looking at an SUV type vehicle. If I could have afforded a hybrid I would have looked at them but I can't so I didn't. Moving on... we are driving back home and we pass this dealership with a 2005 sitting on the edge of the lot. Now I KNOW we can't afford this but I just wanna test drive her and see if I feel good behind the wheel. So we go in and we get to drive. We met Laurence. Very nice guy, very good salesman. He took us on the short tour of the one room dealership then got the keys and we were off. We talked the whole time and not about cars, and I loved driving this beast of a vehicle! So we go back in and feign interest in this car we can't afford. We sit down with him and ask him how much? More out of curiosity than anything else. He says the "asking" price is 17,999...Nope not for us WAY out of our price range, plus we want a short lived and small car payment if any at all. He says make me an offer, what will have you driving away in this vehicle today...I swear to you 4 hours later, we have haggled to price down to 12,995.00  on the vehicle we only wanted to test drive.
What's next, we drove away in the 2005 Black Nissan Xterra
That's the story! Today we are going to pick up the loan check, I have physical therapy and the hubs has many errands to run. We are hoping to meet in the middle around 2 to pick the check up and head to the dealership (and they are washing my new girl today too). I need to name her so I will have to post pictures so that I can possibly get help with that... something feminine but tough.... "brody" is my current word... something that embraces this word.
Day 5 maybe we can figure a way to work in some of these NYR properly? Number 10 is coming along just fine, for the record... and the new girl has tinted windows... magical!
It's 5 am...maybe I should try to get a little more rest before I jump into my day? Or maybe I will just read some more...I have been keeping that resolution by reading a book I enjoy before lights out every night.
That is all for now! More to come possibly later today! I may even attempt that Vlog from my phone when I look a little more presentable! <3 to all!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2011

Today is Jan 3rd. I have been planning this New Year's thing for a while, but I thought it would be a good idea to write it down and share it. I figure if I share it I might be able to stick with it more.

So I have to think and remember now....

1) first of all I want to lose about 5-10 lbs, and keep it off. Not only do I want to lose that weight I want to tone the "trouble" areas.

2) to follow up on #1 I would like to eat and cook healthier meals. I don't want to eat out as often and I want to know what is going into my body.

3) Also, working out is a necessity, not only to accomplish #1 but also to feel better, more energetic, and to relieve the pain in my back. My abs are, of course, my biggest trouble area.

4) Straight A's, I have 22 credits, this will make the first 3 more difficult but I think if I plan my time properly, I can do it.

5) Read something I WANT to read every day. With all the school work I will have I feel it is important to be able to step away, which I neglected to do last semester.

6) Spend less, save more....stay out of the red, re-budget....handle finances MUCH better this year.

7) Having said that I would like to make sure that school isn't a total consummation of who I am... I want to get out and do things with my family, without breaking the bank...I am sure there is plenty we can do for free!

8) Watch less TV. This needs NO explanation but I will give a mini one anyway...I do not want to spend all of the down time I have sitting in front of the mind suck we call TV... number 5 and 7 should help with these things.

9) New more reliable car... sell the jeep, no car payment necessary.

10) MORE SEX nuff said...

That is what I have so far. There may be more and they will be added and numbered appropriately. Unfortunately I haven't started yet because I am sick, some dizziness, but hopefully tomorrow brings a better feeling me!

Hope I get some readers! I hope I inspire you to follow my lead! <3 to all!